DIE WITH ZERO A book by Bill Perkins

Die With Zero: Getting All You Can From Your Money And Your Life

What do you mean Die With Zero?

We all have limited time on Earth, so how should we spend it? Financial advisors urge us to work hard to maximize our earnings, save early and often, and, in retirement, reap the fruits of our labors and the rewards of compound interest.

"What a monumental
waste of human life"

What a monumental waste of human life, says multi-millionaire Bill Perkins. If you spend a lifetime working and die with lots of money left over, you’ve squandered a huge amount of life energy, bypassing the opportunity to enjoy your money — or to give it away — during your lifetime. Our lives are only as fulfilling as the sum of our experiences, Perkins argues, so the more time and money we invest in experiences during our lifetime, the richer our lives become.

Die with Zero will teach you Perkins’ techniques for finding an optimal balance between short-term pleasures and long-term rewards across your adult lifespan — a complex and ongoing optimization problem — how to maximize fulfillment while minimizing waste.

Using Perkins’ toolkit you will learn how to:

Maximize Experiences

Maximize your lifetime experiences, the amount of enjoyment or fulfillment you get at each age, by creating an “experiences curve.”

Rethink Your Worth

Convert earnings to experiences by plotting your “net worth curve,” which should peak — contrary to common thinking — around age 55.

When To Spend

Decide whether to invest in or delay an experience, at any age of your life, by plotting your “spend curve” and calculating your own “personal interest rate.”

Although Americans are notorious for under-saving, millions of US households actually make the opposite mistake: they save too much for too late in life. For example, for heads of household between the ages of 70 and 74, the median net worth is $225,390, thanks to a lifetime of dutiful saving. What’s more, this wealthier half of Americans don’t start “decumulating” until they’re in their mid-70s — too late to enjoy certain pleasures — so even with rising life expectancies, millions of Americans are on track to have their hard-earned money outlive them.

"Whether you’re still a starving student or have some disposable income, you will relate to the idea of using your life energy in accord with your deepest values, and will find practical ideas for intelligently allocating your time and money to do just that."

About The Author

Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins is the living embodiment of what he preaches.

At 50, the U.S. Virgin Islands-based energy trader and movie investor sees his career as merely an engine for personal growth — and spends plenty of time and money exploring the world, savoring his relationships, pursuing his dreams, and generally taking in all that life has to offer. Using his own life experiences and the inspiring stories and cautionary tales of others — and drawing on eye-opening insights about time, money, and happiness from psychological science, behavioral finance, and contemporary philosophy — Perkins makes a convincing and refreshingly contrarian case for living large.

Bill Perkins is the CEO of BrisaMax Holdings, a consulting services firm based in the US Virgin Islands. Called “The Last Cowboy” in a recent Wall Street Journal profile. After studying electrical engineering at the University of Iowa and training on Wall Street, Perkins moved to Houston to make a fortune as an energy trader. Now a self-described “Z-list” celebrity — not famous enough even for the D-list — Perkins has been featured in Reuters, Financial Times, TIME magazine, BusinessInsider, and Cigar Aficionado, appears frequently on CNBC-TV and posts about his exploits on Instagram (@billperkins) to his 119K followers.

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